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Traditional Chinese Medicine


TCM assumes that equilibrium and balance are synonymous with health. Most organs of the human body can be divided into yin and yang, whereas each organ has a partner. Excessive or restricted function of one organ has an immediate effect on the partner organ. By means of acupuncture it is possible to activate individual organs. This restores balance, thus preventing diseases or alleviating existing ailments.

Dr. May Lin Oei puts an emphasis bespoke therapeutic treatments. Depending on the symptoms and course of treatment, she combines various acupuncture styles or acupuncture microsystems to achieve the best possible success.

The radiology specialist combines Western medicine with complementary natural healing methods:

"In my opinion, it is an art to combine conventional medicine with alternative healing methods so as to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient."

According to the doctor with Chinese-Indonesian roots, there is hardly any disease that cannot be influenced by acupuncture. For example, diseases of the internal organs, the movement apparatus, the immune system, neurological, gynecological, urological, metabolic and skin diseases are treated with TCM. Acupuncture can also be used in the context of a cancer treatment, usually in combination with conventional medical treatments. In addition, TCM provides the diagnostic possibility to identify the state of an emerging disease. Another key aspect of TCM is disease prevention and health maintenance.

Dr. Oei's consultation times at the LANS Medicum in Hamburg are on Mondays and Thursdays.

The prices for the TCM consultation hours are based on the statutory regulations of the Physicians' Fees Regulations (GOÄ). The reimbursement by private health insurance depends on the terms of your insurance policy and your chosen tariff.