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Effectively reduce Stress


Are you looking for ways to reduce your stress levels or even prevent a break down?
Do you suffer from tension, back pain, headaches or insomnia?
Are you looking for change but cannot overcome inner weaknesses?
Then kinesiology at LANS Medicum in Hamburg is the possible answer. There are several opportunities for individual development for you to achieve your desired goal.

Kinesiology is the ideal method to accompany and lead you in the right direction. The "muscle test" is the most important and most effective tools in kinesiology.

Our body's own feedback system is able to reflect on health problems and energetic imbalances. This capability is enabled by our cellular memory and the nervous system that store all our experiences. Our subconscious can access this information at any time.

 The treatment is carried out with very effective and gentle muscle and joint therapy techniques.

This has a significant impact on muscle temsion, the musculoskeletal system, the body’s water balance, nervous system, digestive tract, metabolism and the energy flow of the meridians. Thus, the entire body can be regulated positively if experiencing acute or chronic pain and can once again relax.


• in tension in the shoulder / neck / back region
• ear pressure, tinnitus
• Sleep disorders
• Headaches, migraines
• Stress reduction
• Maximising potential