Detox: cleansing - detoxification - de-acidification

The process of detoxification and cleansing of the body and mind has been known as more of an uncomfortable process to date, combined with feelings of listlessness and asceticism. In stark contrast to this, Lanserhof – one of Eurpoe’s leading centres for regeneration and preventative medicine - have taken a completely different approach for quite some time now. Our new Detox treatments are highly effective and are advanced therapies for inner cleansing that are adapted and applied on an individual basis according to the type of person you are and the type of and constitution you have. We consequently achieve outstanding results in regeneration at Lanserhof with these treatments.

How can purification be experienced as a pleasure? After years of development, Lanserhof Centre for Health have found a fascinating answer to this question. On the basis of modern Mayr Medicine, our medical experts at Lanserhof have developed a completely new form of enjoyable cleansing and detoxification. This is the basis for the holistic LANs Med Concept.

The roots of enduring health lie in the digestive system

The Lans Med Concept is based on the belief that all of a person‘s energy comes from the digestive tract. If someone suffers from a lack of energy, masked depression or burn-out syndrome, the first thing that should be checked is whether there is a disturbance in the intake of energy in the body. Only a detoxified body is able to regenerate and respond to the various treatments being applied.

An overburdened digestive system weakens the immune system, and causes a lack of drive and ultimately depression. The intestines are the root system of the human being, as they process nutrients so they can be used by the body. At the same time, the intestines remove toxic metabolic substances and are home to an astounding 70 percent of the entire immune system. Many illnesses - from rheumatism, gout, arthritis to osteoporosis and skin rashes - are signs of over-acidification and weakness in the body‘s own „waste removal“ system.

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in matrix research, as it is known. All nutrients and oxygen must make their way from the blood capillaries through the substance between the cells - the matrix - to the cells, as must each nerve impulse in order to activate the appropriate cells. If this extracellular substance is clogged with toxins, over-acidified or overloaded with disturbing metabolic products, this exchange cannot function appropriately. As a result, cleansing of the matrix is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of all organs.

One size does not fit all

The experts at Lanserhof work on the assumption that each human being has his or her own individual constitution. As a result, a single detoxification treatment will not work equally and effectively for all guests. Before treatment, an analysis of the patient‘s constitution type is conducted.

Based on years of experience in treating various types of people, our medical experts at Lanserhof know the precise inter-relationships of these complaints. Every constitution type reignites their own ‘digestive flame’ in a different way, so that more messenger substances can be released through the intestinal tract and the patient feels once again mentally fresh and full of vitality. Foodstuffs which the body does not tolerate and subsequently attack the energy supply and in turn disturb the immune system, are also tested simultaneously and individually according to each constitution type in order to reveal any food intolerances.

The pillars of LANS Med Detox

Detox – in other words detoxification and cleansing - is our core area of expertise at Lanserhof and is the basis for all regenerative and preventative medicine. An individual Detox programme is created specifically for each individual guest at Lanserhof. This process of self-cleansing is additionally complemented by a corresponding dietary programme and is intensively supported by physical-therapeutic measures – our own Detox treatments specially developed here at Lanserhof. The cleansing, de-acidification and detoxification processes are also facilitated with the application of highly effective peelings, baths, body wraps and massages. These Detox treatments lead to basic healing process in the context of nutrition-related health problems. The Detox cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and newly organize its powers of self-healing.  

Naturally, every detoxification treatment is not as effective for every person. To address this issue, a preliminary check of our guests is made in order to compile a personal medical history.

In addition to cleansing via the nutrition-related metabolism, and which is achieved by means of a specially designed nutrition plan, Lanserhof also focus on cleansing via the skin. Detoxification does not only occur via kidneys, bladder, liver and intestines, but also through the skin with its countless nerve receptors that are receptive to all forms of stimulus.